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Lip Restoration

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

In our youth lips are soft, full, and have a beautiful natural tone. As the aging process begins, we start to lose the shape, contour, fullness, and color of our lips. Permanent makeup can enhance your current lip shape and color, as well as re-shape lips, visually increase the size of lips, and adjust the shade. Plumper lips can be achieved without the use of fillers using semi-permanent makeup,however, if you already use fillers in your lips, this treatment will only further enhance your lips.

Through permanent makeup we can create a more harmonious and balanced face. It is the perfect way to enhance lips that are thin, uneven, or have lost shape, color, and fullness with age, by restoring volume and creating a perfect shape. Unlike traditional lip tattoos, we only preform this treatment to achieve a natural lip result. A color is selected from a range of beautiful pigments for a gorgeous, natural, soft lip that is tailored to you.

As a bonus, our bodies natural reaction to cosmetic lip tattooing is to produce collagen, making your lips appear fuller by naturally stimulating collagen production. Your lips have never looked more beautiful.

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